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Optimize & Scale DevOps for Kubernetes by increasing developer productivity & reducing technical debt. Leverage the simplest low-code Internal Developer Platform (IDP) to increase team collaboration and governance.

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What gopaddle can do for you

Getting started with DevOps on Kubernetes is easy

Accelerate Kubernetes Adoption

Say goodbye to manual work and hello to automation with gopaddle! Our platform can automatically generate everything you need to set up Kubernetes infrastructure and deployments. From Dockerfiles to Kubernetes YAML files, Helm Charts, and pipeline code for Jenkins, GitHub Actions, and Azure DevOps, gopaddle will help you containerize and get your applications running in minutes.
  • Less learning curve through low-code & customizable automation
  • Quick Containerization and Kubernetes deployments
  • Enforce security from day 1 through image scanning and multi-level policy enforcement
Reduce cognitive overload for existing deployments

Increase Developer Productivity

Do you feel overwhelmed by the complexity of managing Kubernetes deployments across multiple releases and environments? Our AI-driven low-code platform can help. It makes it easy to increase team collaboration, reduce the feedback loop, and take the hassle out of managing your Kubernetes deployments.
Increase ROI on DevOps automation. Save time and reduce manual errors with AI-driven recommendations. Our AI-driven recommendations help you quickly identify and remediate issues, so developers can focus on innovation.
Say goodbye to hours of debugging and say hello to an easy way to visualize, track, and collaborate with your team on Kubernetes artifacts. With our user-friendly website, you can easily visualize changes, follow the entire Kubernetes artifact lifecycle, and keep your team connected in one place.
Centralized Multi-Cloud and Edge Governance

Increase Operational Efficiency

Unlock the Possibilities of Multi and Hybrid Cloud Enablement. Take your cloud strategy to the next level with multi and hybrid cloud enablement. With the flexibility to choose your own cloud and infrastructure, you can ensure that your teams get the best cloud experience without the fear of vendor lock-in.
  • Simple Multi-Cloud Cluster Provisioning (AWS EKS, Azure AKS, Google GKE)
  • Manage Edge & On-premise Hybrid Environments
  • Centralized Goverance and compliance

Seamless Integrations

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Whitepapers & Datasheets

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