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DevOps Transformational Consulting

Consulting, Coaching and Implementation Strategies
for gap identification and DevOps excellence

Kubernetes based DevOps platform

Implementing a frictionless DevOps is just at your finger tips. With our Kubernetes based solution you can automate deployments, achieve better application maintainability and optimize your cloud utilization. Check out our Application centric DevOps platform now.

DevOps Transformational Consulting

Maturing through the DevOps excellence needs a streamlined and sustainable approach keeping your business drivers as the end goal. With our DevOps maturity model we take you through each phase with concise and measurable outcomes. We aim to cut down the unwanted release bottlenecks, before we start automating the release and stabilising your production environment. At the end of exercise, we also coach your team on the processes, tools, best practices and the metrics to measure and sustain.



What is your DevOps Maturity ? Where do you stand with respect to your peers in the same industry ? With the help of our knowledge base and survey, we have created a DevOps Assessment Template that helps you map your current process with one of the DevOps Maturity Stages.



What do you need to strategize and implement DevOps practice in your organization ? We have streamlined mechanism of mapping your current DevOps maturity to the implementation strategy and power it up with our Consulting expertise.



We help your team to implement the DevOps strategy and hand hold with them to sustain the process through tools, training and support. You may also choose to use Bluemeric’s DevOps ready solutions and platforms, automation services and 24×7 Managed DevOps support.

Our Engagement

We take a simple 7 days process to analyze your existing DevOps practices and break them down in to actionable items. Our consultants will meet with your identified Single Point of Contacts (SPOC) from release teams and do a detailed analysis with a streamlined set of questionnaire. As a consultant, we are completely vendor neutral and suggest best practices and solutions that work best for your business.

Why us ?

  • Review deployment and packaging architecture
  • Optimise TCO on infrastructure and software
  • End-to-End support on consultation & execution
  • Streamlined process & templates
  • Industry expertise & best practices
  • Vertical focused approach
  • Face to face interactions with SPOCs
  • Completely vendor neutral approach

DevOps Consulting - A Case Study

feature-2 While exciting, rapid growth uncovers scaling problems when the client's team grew in size from 30 to over 200 members within 1 year. Streamlining operations is imperative for this client to match their growth trajectory.

Your DevOps Journey with us


Detailed Analysis on the requirements, scoping & change management, manual release processes and on the infrastructure provisioning attributes.


Build automation, End to End test automation, Configuration & Deployment automation, Build release pipeline through CI tools and Enable rolling updates for releases.


Automate Continuous Monitoring of Applications & Infrastructure, Automate autoscaling & autohealing of cloud infrastructure and Enable backup & restore of data.


Provide DevOps training to the team, customised for specific roles. Provide Insights on the DevOps metrics you need to care & how you can track those metrics for further optimisation.