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DevOps is not just in our products and services. It is in our culture and beliefs.

Bluemeric’s operations started and are rooted in DevOps and Cloud enablement to help organizations maximize the value of strategic investments in Information Technology. With decades of experience, we help in every aspect of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), including application and deployment architecture consulting, decoupling monolithic applications, application performance tuning, cloud deployment automation, autoscaling, cluster management etc. with assurance that your goals will be met on time and at the lowest possible cost. Our work is deeply rooted in the agile manifesto so that our global teams can easily juggle distributed workloads across different technologies while our experience assures our customers a reliable software delivery.

About Us

We are a DevOps & Cloud automation company focused on consulting, automation services, tools and products with a touch of trending new technologies.

Bluemeric Technologies Pvt Ltd was founded in 2011 with headquarters in Bangalore, India. It has a fully functional R&D center in Bangalore, India.

We started our journey offering consulting and services to organizations to improve their DevOps processes, tools and culture. goPaddle is an outcome of the best practices that we developed over these 4 years through our advocacy and experience in the DevOps space.

We give you the right skills, to solve the right problems, at the right time. With our customer first approach, we engineer solutions to meet your needs at the best possible cost by ensuring quality and expeditious delivery in every project, every time.

By choosing Bluemeric, you add more productive workforce to your efforts while you continue to concentrate on your most strategic and important initiatives.

We're here to help!

Having Bluemeric Technologies and its solutions work for your organization is like having an advanced technology asset on your side. We work to develop your IT processes, increasing the value of your company via cloud services and full automation. Our past clients have enjoyed long-lasting partnerships with us as we have consistently utilized our vast cross-industry expertise for their benefit and development. All our clients have received the same extensive level of service from us. At Bluemeric Technologies, we work diligently to develop IT and cloud solutions that specifically cater to your technological needs.
DevOps is not just in our products and services. It is in our culture and beliefs. We believe in simplicity and sustainability. We would like to advocate the same to our customers and help their teams/tools/processes achieve the best potential in their DevOps journey.

Meet the Team

George Reese

Strategic Advisor
George loves building teams with strong talent and common purpose to achieve the impossible. He has build successful businesses, pioneered multiple opensource projects and authored many books. He was the co-founder of Enstratius which got acquired by Dell Software in 2013.

Vinothini Raju

CEO & Founder
From inception to execution, Vinothini has built a successful global business at Bluemeric, with sharp focus on solving customer issues in the DevOps & Cloud space. She has built R&D, Sales and Marketing teams ground up. Prior to venturing Bluemeric, she was managing an Advanced Technology team at HP.

Piyali Hazra

VP, Engineering
20+ years of Industry experience in Managing Enterprise Products in Global markets and Entrepreneurship expertise in Mobility, Cloud and DevOps. Prior to joining Bluemeric, she played the role of Director of Engineer at Mindpace Technologies where she was responsible for building the product portfolio and software delivery. During her tenure with HP, she was responsible for the HA on Linux, Disaster Recovery, HP-UX security and networking products.